Personal Training

Personal Training at Sanctuary Bodyworks

As of your very first training session at Sanctuary, you will find that one size does not fit all, that more is not better. First, we will perform a detailed postural and movement analysis. This will help us develop an efficient training program that will quickly produce structural and aesthetic improvements.

Traditional personal training can and often does produce results initially, but is not sustainable as part of a long term fitness plan. Over time, these practices can become detrimental to us – our muscles overdevelop and slowly weigh down on our bodies resulting in unnecessary soreness, limited mobility, and potentially chronic orthopedic issues.

Sanctuary takes a structural approach to the physical form, producing a balanced aesthetic and allowing lasting freedom of movement. Our trainers will locate and release your body’s stress from head to toe and then carefully rebuild it in the most balanced way. Sanctuary’s trainers will teach you how to train more efficiently and spend much less time in the gym.

Our goal for your body?  Isolate. Lengthen. Stabilize. Tone. We want you to be free of pain while helping you achieve your best physical self. To find more about what differentiates Sanctuary from any other personal training program, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Personal Training 60 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $80
  • Four Sessions [4] $312
  • Eight Sessions [8] $600
  • Twelve Sessions (Best Value!) [12] $840