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Private Yoga

Get more from your yoga practice with flows designed for your body, and one-on-one guidance and adjustments from an expert instructor. Private yoga classes work around your schedule, and help you progress faster.

New to yoga, and little intimidated? Learn the mechanics of yoga at your own pace, without the overwhelm that can come with a large or fast moving class.

For more advanced yogis and athletes, private yoga instruction will deepen your practice, allow you to focus on specific poses, and target the areas that are most beneficial for your body.

Aerial Yoga at Sanctuary Body

Try Aerial Fitness!

In addition to traditional mat yoga, we’re proud to offer Aerial Fitness with Kim DeAngelis (AerialKim) at Sanctuary Body. With the aid of a silk hammock, this practice blends the artistry and beauty of aerial arts with the thoughtful movements of traditional yoga. The silks support the body’s weight, making challenging poses more accessible and allowing for a deep, relaxing stretch. Schedule 1-on-1 training sessions, or book an aerial fitness event for your group!

To get started, schedule a New Client Consultation. You’ll meet with a trainer who will talk with you about your fitness challenges and goals, and then recommend one or more fitness and bodywork modalities customized just for you. They’ll even take you through a short demo workout!

"I just had a one-on-one with Kim doing silks to help me stretch. I've seen her for a little over a year. I have a rare condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is generally pretty hard to treat but Kim is super knowledgeable... Genuinely helps with my lower back pain too..."

- Erica Siegel

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New Client Consult

A Sanctuary Body pilates instructor adjusts her client's posture

The Sanctuary Body approach to training is something you really have to experience. That’s why our new client intro session includes both an in-depth fitness consultation and a personalized demo workout.

Meet the Sanctuary Body team
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Physical Therapy
Sanctary Body gift certificates are valid for one year on fitness training and bodywork

A gift of fitness training, massage, or acupuncture at Sanctuary Body says, “I want you to feel fantastic and live a long, healthy life. You deserve it.” What could be more generous than that?

Wellness Wisdom

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Get Aligned

Exercising with proper body alignment can take years off your appearance – add active years to your life.  Sexy, right?

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True Sports Physical Therapy is our studio partner, and our most trusted referral for sports injury recovery. They collaborate with your doctors and coaches and craft a custom physical therapy plan to help you heal better, stronger, and faster.

TrueSports shares our studio, but they handle their bookings independently.
To reach them, visit  www.truesportsphysicaltherapy.com.

Once your physical therapy is done, Sanctuary Body can provide personalized fitness training and bodywork to help you avoid re-injury and stay fit for life!