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Fitness Training

How does it feel to be living in your body right now? Could it be better?

How will it feel ten years from now? Will you still be doing all the things that bring you joy today?

The truth is that you have A LOT of influence over how your body looks, feels and functions – now and in the years to come.


Fit senior with surfboard on the beach.

Maybe you’ve been neglecting exercise for months or years. Or maybe you’ve been working out, but without the right guidance – and it’s causing more aches and pains, instead of less. Whatever your age and current condition, your body will respond positively to the right kinds of exercise – and it doesn’t have to hurt!


How does it work?

We’ve found that our clients often achieve their best results from a combination of the fitness training and bodywork techniques we offer at Sanctuary Body.  We may recommend that you alternate sessions with both a Pilates instructor and a personal trainer, or combine fitness training with Rolfing™ or massage to release tension and allow your body to return to proper alignment.

To arrive at the perfect formula for you, we start with a New Client Consultation. You can set that up here. We’ll talk about your fitness challenges and goals and take you through a short demo workout customized for you. Then we’ll match you with a team member who fits your needs and schedule.  Explore our offerings below.

Personal Training

The Sanctuary Body approach to personal training emphasizes long-term strength and mobility over short-term vanity goals. Our emphasis on proper alignment will help you look leaner, move better, and gain strength without pain.

Equipment Pilates

Pilates works from the inside out to tone muscles, strengthen your core, build flexibility, and incorporate cardio – all in under an hour. Our instructors will guide you through an evolving a program specifically designed for you. 

Private Yoga

Get more from your yoga practice with flows designed for your body and one-on-one guidance from an expert instructor. Private yoga classes work around your schedule, and help you progress faster.


We don’t just work your body, we pamper it, too. Sanctuary Body offers massage, acupuncture, and Rolfing™ to compliment your workout or simply relieve pain and stress.  Come as you are, leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

We don’t just work your body, we pamper it, too. Sanctuary Body offers bodywork to compliment your workout, or simply relieve pain and stress.  You’ll leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

"Recently started both personal training and Pilates. Both trainers spent time with me first to understand my goals and evaluate where I need to build strength to correct and help prevent injury. The sessions are personalized for me which has made it impactful in a short period of time. I highly recommend!"

- Shannon Pierce

Experience our beautiful studio, state-of-the-art equipment, and efficient, pain-free, 100% customized approach to fitness. We look forward to helping you achieve your best body, and get fit for life!

New Client Consult

A Sanctuary Body pilates instructor adjusts her client's posture

The Sanctuary Body approach to training is something you really have to experience. That’s why our new client intro session includes both an in-depth fitness consultation and a personalized demo workout.

Sexy tango dancers with beautiful body alignment

Get Aligned

Exercising with proper body alignment can take years off your appearance – add active years to your life.  Sexy, right?

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Physical Therapy
Sanctary Body gift certificates are valid for one year on fitness training and bodywork

A gift of fitness training, massage, or acupuncture at Sanctuary Body says, “I want you to feel fantastic and live a long, healthy life. You deserve it.” What could be more generous than that?

A gorgeous wedding at the Sanctuary Body studio

Our studio makes a unique, beautiful and versatile space for weddings, fitness events, private parties and corporate events.

True Sports Physical Therapy is our studio partner, and our most trusted referral for sports injury recovery. They collaborate with your doctors and coaches and craft a custom physical therapy plan to help you heal better, stronger, and faster.

TrueSports shares our studio, but they handle their bookings independently.
To reach them, visit  www.truesportsphysicaltherapy.com.

Once your physical therapy is done, Sanctuary Body can provide personalized fitness training and bodywork to help you avoid re-injury and stay fit for life!