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Rolfing® is a form of bodywork that combines guided movement with hands-on manipulation to gradually release restrictions in the body. The goal of Rolfing® is to help the body reclaim its optimum mobility and alignment.

Postural problems, injuries, repetitive motions, surgeries and scars, and even everyday physical and psychological stress can tighten muscles, misalign bones and diminish mobility. By lengthening the affected muscles and tissue, Rolfing® releases tension at the source. Clients report greater energy, increased freedom of movement, and an enhanced sense of well-being. Read more about what Rolfing can do for you.

Each session begins with an assessment of your body structure and movement. Your Rolfer® will then use their hands and elbows to address various parts of the body while you lay on a massage table, sit on a bench, or stand and move. The feeling can vary greatly from pleasurable to intense, but you should be able to relax into it, rather tightening the body.

The classic series consists of ten sessions, ideally no more than 3 weeks apart, with each lasting about 75 minutes. There’s no requirement for a client to commit beyond any one session. However, each session builds upon the last one, and prepares you for the next, while also addressing the body’s immediate needs. At the same time, you’ll learn about your body mechanics and how to move more comfortably and safely in daily life.

New Rolfing clients are currently being seen by certified Rolfer Gabriel Ewing. For inquiries about appointments with Ray Allen, please contact him directly at [email protected].

"[My trainer] said he would be happy to work with me, but only after I’d spent some time with his Rolfer. And so I was introduced to a remarkable guy who used Ida Rolf’s science, over several months, to free up my stuck joints. Then, I began to work with the personal training team…The results have amazed me. In just a few years, working hard with the Sanctuary Body team, I’ve re-built my body!"

- N.C.

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The Sanctuary Body approach to training is something you really have to experience. That’s why our new client intro session includes both an in-depth fitness consultation and a personalized demo workout.

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A gift of fitness training, massage, or acupuncture at Sanctuary Body says, “I want you to feel fantastic and live a long, healthy life. You deserve it.” What could be more generous than that?

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Get Aligned

Exercising with proper body alignment can take years off your appearance – add active years to your life.  Sexy, right?

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True Sports Physical Therapy is our studio partner, and our most trusted referral for sports injury recovery. They collaborate with your doctors and coaches and craft a custom physical therapy plan to help you heal better, stronger, and faster.

TrueSports shares our studio, but they handle their bookings independently.
To reach them, visit  www.truesportsphysicaltherapy.com.

Once your physical therapy is done, Sanctuary Body can provide personalized fitness training and bodywork to help you avoid re-injury and stay fit for life!