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Freestylin’ with Farida: Lux Pilates and Barre

Pilates at Sanctuary Bodyworks in Baltimore Maryland

(photography: Samantha Schneider from lululemon athletica in Harbor East) Farida Shourbaji begins teaching Lux Barre and Lux Pilates at the studio starting this August. In our latest blog post, we took a moment to get Farida’s take on her craft and learn what students can expect in her classes. What was one of the most memorable moments you had either as a student of Pilates or as a teacher of it? I was very young…

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Off the Mat with Lily

Who do you see coming to yoga class these days? In my Vinyasa classes, I see an equal mix of men and women. People used to think that yoga was a gentle activity or that it was only for women. It’s not like that anymore. With over 15 million Americans practicing yoga today, Time Magazine has called yoga the “exercise cum meditation for the new millennium”. Actually, I find that men sometimes come to yoga…

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