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Covid-19 Update – Let’s go to video!

Maryland has mandated that all gyms must close as of 5 pm on Monday, March 16. Group classes and private sessions at our studio are suspended after that time, until further notice.

Maintaining our health, and finding diversions for a potentially stressful, sedentary and isolating period at home, will play an important role in our wellness and self-care during this time. We are now offering in-home video training and workouts – no special equipment required. If you’re an existing client, contact your trainer or instructor to set up a plan customized for your needs.

New to Sanctuary? Contact us at [email protected] or use the Free Consultation form below to get started. Thank you to all of our amazing clients for your patience and support. Stay calm and keep those hands clean!


Free Fitness Consultation

Let us help you stay as strong, healthy and sane as possible! Sanctuary offers complimentary consultations to get you started with a customized, effective workout plan you can do in the comfort of your own home. We will pair you with a trainer who can provide in-home training via video, using only what you have available – no special equipment is needed.

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