Private Yoga

Private Yoga training at Sanctuary Bodyworks

Sanctuary’s private yoga instructors will evaluate your overall fitness, injury history, and stress level prior to beginning a session. Upon evaluation, they will guide you through precise movements while making adjustments specific to your needs.

Tailored yoga sessions are valuable for all students:

  • For students with busy schedules, private yoga affords you time-flexibility and maximum efficiency as instructors can meet at your convenience and make the most of your limited time.
  • For new students, private yoga provides you the individualized attention and patient guidance to learn the mechanics of yoga, without the sometimes overwhelming or intimidating feeling that comes with being in a large or fast moving class.
  • For more advance students and serious athletes, private yoga provides personalized instruction on developing a deeper practice or working on poses that are meant to train or strengthen specific areas.

Private Yoga 60 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $90
  • Four Sessions [4] $328
  • Eight Sessions [8] $632
  • Twelve Sessions (Best Value!) [12] $888