Private Yoga

Private Yoga training at Sanctuary Body

Sanctuary’s private yoga instructors will evaluate your overall fitness, injury history, and stress level prior to beginning a session. Upon evaluation, they will guide you through precise movements while making adjustments specific to your needs.

Tailored yoga sessions are valuable for all students:

  • Students with busy schedules find that private yoga offers time-flexibility and maximum efficiency. Instructors can meet at your convenience and make the most of your limited time.
  • New students appreciate that private yoga sessions provide individualized attention and patient guidance. Learn the mechanics of yoga, without the overwhelming feeling that can come with being in a large or fast moving class.
  • For more advance students and serious athletes, private yoga provides personalized instruction for developing a deeper practice or working on poses to target specific areas.

Private Yoga 60 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $90
  • Four Sessions [4] $328
  • Eight Sessions [8] $632
  • Twelve Sessions (Best Value!) [12] $888