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Get to know February’s featured instructor, Nila Mechali

Nila Mechali

Nila Mechali joined the Sanctuary Bodyworks team as a yoga teacher last July and has been unstoppable ever since. Read her story and how her recent invitation to Lululemon’s Ambassador program is inspiring her teaching. What does it mean to you to be a part of Lululemon’s Ambassador program? I’m humbled and beyond excited. They truly believe in supporting all things positive in the community. I feel like our values align in so many ways….

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Yoga for Life

When I was about six years old I had a habit of riding my bike up and down the sidewalk that bordered the corner of our suburban home, smiling and waving to the people in their cars as they drove past. It was a simple act from a little girl who was truly present in that moment, sending her joy and energy to everyone around. One day, spotting me from the kitchen window, my mother…

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