Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Experience one of the most unique group fitness classes in Baltimore. Whatever your dance and fitness goals, there’s a place for you in Sanctuary’s belly dance classes. Feel the music, challenge every part of your body, and leave feeling exhilarated and inspired!

Belly Dance Groove

Burn calories and develop strength, coordination and grace with the fundamentals of this rich dance form. We’ll break down the basic movements, then drill them with simple combinations and lots of repetition. Groove to sultry beats from the Middle East and around the world. The ideal introduction for beginners and those looking for a fun dance workout. This practice is also vital for more advanced students to maintain fitness and solid technique.

Belly Dance Artistry

Designed to complement Belly Dance Groove, this class is for students at the low intermediate level and above. We’ll work with more complex movements and layering, musicality, and cultural awareness, and also develop our choreographic and improvisational skills. Ideal for current and aspiring performers, and those interested in developing a deeper appreciation for this complex and beautiful art form. Instructor approval, and participation in Belly Dance Groove, is required.

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Group Class Passes

  • Single Session $16
  • Five Class Pass $65
  • Ten Class Pass $110
  • Monthly Unlimited $100
  • Five Class Special – New Students$35
  • Ten Class Special – New Students$110

Group Class Passes may be used interchangeably for:
• Yoga Classes
• Barre Classes (Pilates-Barre, Cardio Barre)
• Belly Dance Classes

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