Pilates & Barre

Pilates Barre classes at Sanctuary Bodyworks

Mat Pilates and Barre group classes will resume once Covid-19 is under control. In the mean time, Sanctuary Bodyworks offers a unique equipment Pilates class for a maximum of 3 participants.

Pilates Barre

Pilates-Barre promises an incredible workout that lengthens and tones while building lean muscle. The workout combines traditional Pilates exercises using the six principles of Joseph Pilates – control, breath, concentration, flow, centering, and precision – with small pulsating movements and exercises found in a traditional barre class.

Cardio Barre

This is a high energy class that combines traditional barre work with fun, upbeat, and heart-rate-boosting exercises. This full body workout will strengthen, elongate, and tone muscles while burning calories and improving overall cardiovascular health.

Group Equipment Pilates Classes

Our small group classes are a unique offering in Baltimore. Class sizes are limited to three, allowing for lots of personal attention from our instructors, with the camaraderie and affordability of a group class. Strengthen and tone muscles, work your core, build flexibility and incorporate cardio exercise, all in under an hour. This approach is easily modified for any age and fitness level, whether you are 20 or 80, recovering from injury or training for a marathon. Our Reformer Pilates program will help you meet your goals quickly and safely.

These unique classes have a few special requirements. Before joining, students must complete a minimum of one individual Equipment Pilates session. If you haven’t yet had a one-on-one session, please call 443.438.3566 to schedule. Because class sizes are very limited, we require students to register and purchase classes in advance, and 24-hour cancellation is required.

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New! Group Equipment Pilates Classes

Limit 3 students per class – please register in advance.

  • One Session $35
  • Five Sessions [5] $150
  • Ten Sessions [10] $270

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