Sanctuary Team

Get to know the Sanctuary Bodyworks team of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, massage therapists and more.

We are here to guide your body and mind on your journey to wellness!

Ann strives to give her clients a positive, mindful experience, customizing each session for their individual needs and overall wellness.

Ann Geraci
Equipment Pilates Trainer

Lindsay’s class is a place to sweat, find balance, challenge yourself, surrender, and have fun.

Lindsay Nelms
Group Fitness Instructor - Yoga

Gabriel helps clients achieve reduced pain and tension, increased range of motion and a deeper awareness of their bodies.

Gabriel Ewing
Certified Rolfer™

Isabel’s classes provide a cardiovascular boost, build strength, flexibility and coordination, and elevate mood.

Isabel Asra
Group and Private Fitness Instructor - Belly Dance

Lindsay's classes emphasize alignment, meditation and breathing, with hands-on assists to make even the most challenging poses achievable.

Lindsay Lusignea
Group and Private Fitness Instructor - Yoga

Melissa's classes deliver a full body workout to lengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility and balance, and strengthen core muscles.

Melissa Janssen
Group Fitness Instructor - Pilates Barre & Cardio Barre

Ray helps clients restore their alignment and freedom of movement for increased mobility, energy and relief from discomfort and pain.

Ray Allen
Advanced Rolfer

Pete's training sessions are positively energetic and progress specific. Clients leave feeling strong, energized and more optimistic.

Pete Johnson
Personal Trainer

Brandon's unique skill set, years of experience and intuitive sense of the ever-changing body help him work with a wide range of clients.

Brandon Hallock
Personal Trainer & Studio Owner