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Your Body, Our Temple | Sanctuary Body

Your Body, Our Temple | Baltimore’s Fitness Studio

Failed fitness attempts are over. Sanctuary Body is not your typical gym full of big crowds and ego-driven lifting. Rather, it is a sanctum of thoughtful practitioners focused on your aspirations for health and wellness. Reverence for the workings of the human body inspires our highly educated instructors, and our thoughtfully designed boutique studio. Rest assured that you will be taught by trained professionals who refuse to let fitness fall into a routine of sore muscles, detrimental techniques and lagging results. Sanctuary is dedicated to teaching and instilling a new level of bodily awareness that you’ll carry beyond our doors. Our studio environment is quite unique, but its our unique approach to fitness that truly shines.

St. Stanislaus Church

What used to be St. Stanislaus Church is now Sanctuary Body, a 5,000 square foot fitness studio. Big enough to feel like a gym, and personalized enough to feel like a private training studio, Sanctuary Body is the perfect blend of what we believe an exercise environment should be.

Our fitness haven will inspire you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We have meticulously transformed the space into an environment that makes working out a pleasure. Sanctuary’s thoughtful interior design allows multiple fitness disciplines to operate in harmony while maintaining privacy at the same time.

Allow yourself an escape within our beautiful space. With a variety of intelligent fitness disciplines, you will be sure to find your balance of body and mind among our restored stained glass windows, and underneath our original painted ceilings. Contact us today to learn more about our unique offerings, schedule an appointment or and set up your free consultation.


We have dedicated parking on site, including Sanctuary spots reserved for our private session clients between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. After 6pm, all customers are free to park in the other spots within the parking lot, with the exception of those reserved for Union Box Company. During weekday hours, street parking is usually easy to find as well.

Please do not use the parking lot for more than your 1-hour session or class. If you plan on spending time in the Fells Point area after your time at Sanctuary, we ask that you kindly move your car so that we can accommodate all of our clients.​