Zumba® at Sanctuary

Zumba at Sanctuary Bodyworks

Zumba® is one of the most fun fitness classes to have emerged in the last decade. Combining Latin rhythms with different Latin dance styles (think Salsa, Samba and Merengue) into a fun and energized workout, Zumba® will free your spirit, open your mind and challenge your body.

Join Joan for a fantastic Zumba® workout- now offered two times per week at Sanctuary! With her passion for this dance-fitness program, Joan delivers genuine Latin flavor, energy, and fun to her clients every time she teaches. Her natural enthusiasm and love for dance motivates her participants to move freely, and her fun-loving spirit inspires them to shimmy and shake in ways they never knew they could.

Zumba® is all about the music and having fun, not about the moves, so even the most novice dancer will have a blast. Dance yourself into shape with this 50 minute class!

Group Class Passes

  • Single Session $16
  • Five Class Pass $65
  • Ten Class Pass $110
  • Monthly Unlimited $100
  • Five Class Special – New Students$35
  • Ten Class Special – New Students$110

Group Class Passes may also be used for:
• Yoga Classes (Vinyasa, for Athletes, for Life)
• Barre Classes (ABC, Lux)
• Zumba Classes