Mat Pilates at Sanctuary

Mat Pilates at Sanctuary Bodyworks

Lux Pilates Mat
A 50 minute classical Pilates mat class to align your spine and connect you to your core while lengthening and strengthening your muscles. An elegant and energetic workout!

Mat Pilates
Go deeper into your workout with the fundamental system of Pilates. During our mat pilates classes we will work together to build strength without excess bulk, to heighten body awareness, and to improve alignment, posture, flexibility, agility, and economy of motion all through a basic flow of exercises. It’s the simplicity that is the most challenging, allowing this class to serve everyone from the absolute beginner to the most advanced.

Mat class is fun for all levels of fitness and will be rewarding to everyone, even though there’s only one mat, there are so many options. Enjoy our pilates class focused on improving your overall fitness level and helping you reach your ideal body.

Mat Pilates Group Classes

  • drop in [nicepaypal type=”hosted” hosted_button_id=”ECN9YRNCLVUKE”] $16
  • New student 5 class special [nicepaypal type=”hosted” hosted_button_id=”U8456WBMB3CCS”]$35
  • New student monthly unlimited [nicepaypal type=”hosted” hosted_button_id=”J2YRFW6ANHUG6″]$50
  • 5 class card (90 day expiration) [nicepaypal type=”hosted” hosted_button_id=”HH5P733KTCCFG”]$65
  • 10 class card (90 day expiration) [nicepaypal type=”hosted” hosted_button_id=”KCHYCFXQ764KG”]$110