Belly Dance

Next series runs Monday, February 27th-March 20th!

Group Belly Dancing Classes

  • Single Session (Drop-In) $25
  • Belly Dancing Series Pass Ongoing $75

Study the transformative art of belly dance, one of Sanctuary’s most unique group fitness classes! Whatever your dance and fitness goals, there’s a place for you in our classes. We’ll break down the fundamentals of belly dance, including hip and torso isolations, graceful hand and arm movements and powerful shimmies. Students of every level can learn to belly dance in this multi-level class. Beginners are welcome, and additional layers will be offered for more advanced dancers.

Isabel’s Belly Dance Classes are welcoming and and positive with an emphasis on clean technique, musicality, cultural insight and self-expression. She brings her experience with yoga into the dance studio to help students develop strength, flexibility and control, along with a a joyful appreciation of the human body and all it can do.Students may also drop in at $25 per class BellyDance